I have the intelligence but not the confidence and I needed to challenge myself to prove I'm not stupid

Study Tips from online students - #5 One step at a time


  • Beginning can be the hardest step

    What students said:

      I thought it would be difficult, demanding; I wasn’t sure how well run it would be, or if it catered for people without much experience, or getting a bit older. I guess it was just one step at a time and see if it works

      I found all the units the first week is sort of a little bit of getting to know each other but definitely from week two you’re into it.

      I wanted to do single subjects to start with, to see whether I can cope and what it’s going to be like. I couldn’t take everything at once.

      It was a milestone for me to actually get over the first few units because obviously after the first few you get used to ... what’s expected and having to organise yourself and be more disciplined.

  • Sometimes the journey is the destination - so enjoy the ride

    What students said:

      It’s probably the same driving motivation and it’s always been there; I really enjoy learning. Learning is something that I never want to stop.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t even take it up as a job. It’s more like the sort of thing that I wanted to do for myself, so I think I’ll feel really good in myself for having done something academically.

      It would be nice to gain something at the end of the Bachelor but I’m really doing it for enjoyment as well.

      I am committed because I have no option but to keep going. The truth is I really have enjoyed it even with all the hassle.

  • Keep your eye on the prize

    What students said:

      It’s just a matter of keeping your eye on the prize but it’s not easy.

      I just think “Oh my gosh, how can I do it all” but I’ve just come too far and it would take something quite extraordinary to stop me.

      I’ve got a goal and I’m working towards something and I’m achieving – however slowly – I’m achieving something.

      I know that it will get tougher but there’s no turning back. I have to do it.