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Study Tips from online students - #1 Time Management


  • Create a balanced timetable

    What students said:

      In terms of time management it’s quite easy because I’m online – I tend to pick certain days to do certain subjects or certain timeframes and make sure that I have a set time every day that I relax and chill out and spend time with my partner.

      The positives are the flexibility it offers you are a good lifestyle which also can allow you to do part-time work more effectively.

      It gives you that flexibility - I can take on a fair bit of full time work, or a good chunk of part-time work to make some money to lead a better lifestyle. It just means to be prepared and disciplined enough to do what's required of you, which is study.

  • Pick a study time that works for you

    What students said:

      With this, there’s no travel time, it’s really flexible; I can do it when I want to do it and that really works for me.

      A couple of other mornings I would do an hour and then Sunday afternoon I do about four hours. That gets me up to about the 10 hours and of course when there’s essays, you have to find the time to do more.

      I have two days off a week so they’re the days that I study plus I do stuff on the weekend as well so whenever I’ve got a spare moment I’m ticking stuff on the list of what I’ve got to do and “Yes, done that, done that, done that”.

  • Learn to juggle

    What students said:

      All day today I was doing my assignment. I got a fair bit done there and I got some other stuff done and then I got some stuff organised for the house. I was there to pick up my daughter from the bus; I'm here when the kids come home. You're able to support the family a bit easier. Then at night you just sit down and do some study; it suits everyone really.

      It’s very difficult to work time out around kids. Online, I can work it around the kids and there’s only exam periods one or two days I might have to be somewhere at a particular time.

      It’s really full-on and I suppose it’s like every time you have an exam it’s just a matter of organising your time so you have enough time to study and have enough time to make sure that you feel like you’re prepared.