I feel like I'm going somewhere and working towards a goal that's always been in the back of my mind. I'm pretty excited about it :)

Let's celebrate! - Family

Returning to study is also a family affair as family and friends celebrate the opportunities that returning to study brings, and the achievements of their student family member.

Reasons to celebrate – it’s a family affair!

  • Getting good grades

    Her high marks.
    FM#203, male partner, 32

    After studying for almost 12 months she is sitting on a high distinction and this is giving her the impetus to continue
    FM#204, mother, 46

    Passing grades, so far
    FM#205, male partner, 48

    Getting the high grades which she has achieved thus far and knowing what the outcome will be at the end of the all
    FM#210, male partner, 29

    Getting distinctions in her IT units
    FM#214, brother, 32

    Achieving good marks on her subjects.
    FM#216, mother, 66

    Each 'High Distinction' or similar result is satisfying
    FM#240, father 60

    So far my daughter has done very well in her assignments and quizzes and we are all proud of her results thus far.
    FM#233, mother, 53

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  • Achievements

    My daughter has ventured into some study periods involving maths which was never a strong point for her while she was at high school. The improvement in her maths skills alone are a major achievement and something which she is extremely proud of ... and she should be.
    FM#207, mother, 46

    She tells me about how she does in all of her exams and assignments and we have great discussions about what she's studying and what she needs to do. She seems very happy and because of that, her life is easier for her.
    FM#209, mother, 56

    She has been hugely encouraged that she has successfully completed her subjects with high marks. It has been terrific for her self confidence and assuredness. She has also made some excellent contacts and formed some good relationships with her tutors.
    FM#211, male partner, 42

    So far my mother has been proud of her improvement in terms of her ability to effectively structure an assignment or body of work. This is important for her as an immigrant to Australia who learnt English as a second language and as somebody who struggled to learn such skills in high school.
    FM#212, son, 19

    Mum was happy when she handed in her two assignments.
    FM#218, son, 14

    Passing tests, and the vindication that she is intelligent enough to pass. It is good for her confidence.
    FM#219, mother, 54

    Achieving high distinctions and other academic achievements, developing good relationships with like-minded people, also with the new development of Bega Hospital - there are exciting new job prospects.
    FM#220, daughter, 17

    Working hard on his studies seems to be a personal achievement in itself, as he previously had a tendency to quit before he had a chance to fail on things that were important to him. Even better, he has achieved some fantastic results that effectively demonstrate how much effort he has put into his work.
    FM#224, sister, 38

    Mum has done really well in her exams and presentations. We have a tradition of a special dinner for great results and we do this for mum too.
    FM#229, daughter, 15

    Getting into medicine was a pretty big deal. She’s always happy when she passes an exam or completes a placement.
    FM#231, father, 56

    My wife has gained many distinctions in her studies and is surprising herself everyday with her achievements.
    FM#235, male partner, 40

    I'm very proud of my sister’s achievements, she is an amazing role model.
    FM#228, sister, 21

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  • The opportunity to return to study

    [A high point is] her being able to study because she likes it.
    FM#221, sister, 16

    I thought it was great. My mother had previously attended UNSW and finished at the top of her nursing class, however, due to being out of practice for a few years, she was required to complete the course again. I wasn't surprised at her decision to attend university again, I was proud and felt completely comfortable about it.
    FM#220, daughter, 17

    [I was] Ecstatic! That would be an awesome job to have, I thought, I wish I had it!
    FM#209, mother, 56

    I was so excited for him. I was hopeful that he would love university as much as I did and that this could be a great opportunity for him to change his life and the lives of his family
    FM#224, sister, 38

    I thought how wonderful it was for her to continue her studies and prove to herself that she could get a degree … my daughter is not rich and many she knows at university are not. It has been a great opportunity for her.
    FM#225, mother, 55

    I felt proud that a family member was getting to University and it made me what to follow in her footsteps. I also felt uncertain as she would be the first to leave home, which would change the family dynamics.
    FM#228, sister, 21

    Great. I believe in higher education … pleased for my daughter’s future.
    FM#231, father, 56

    Other family and friends also celebrate the decision to return to study

    They think it's brilliant - everybody has been absolutely positive and saying what a great idea it is.
    FM#209, mother, 56

    I think they were pleased that he had been given the opportunity, and had the ability to be given the option.
    FM#215, mother, 58

    My parents regularly talk about the positive changes it has had on my brother. I have also noted a very distinct shift in the way other, less close, family members and friends speak about my brother, as if they now have more respect for him.
    FM#224, sister, 38

    They are very proud of her and are excited that she'll be the first to graduate.
    FM#228, sister, 21

    Most family members think she is courageous taking on the tasks of student and mother. I'm quite sure most family members are quite proud like me.
    FM#235, male partner

    Fantastic, she'll be great, she's amazing.
    FM#236, mother, 59

    There has been nothing negative. Only positive. I am very proud of her initiative and motivation in up-skilling to enable her to build a meaningful working life as a mature age student. It will create much greater flexibility and choice for us as parents in how we choose to live our life together in ways consistent with our values and priorities.
    FM#211, male partner, 42

    Positive things: mum is more excited because studying means she can have a different job that she will enjoy. That makes her happy. This makes me feel relieved and happy.
    FM#218, son, 14

    I’m glad my daughter is following her dreams. It’s very much her thing, and though I am very proud of being her father, her achievements are very much her own.
    FM#231, father, 56

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  • Stickability and growing confidence

    Definitely graduation, a very proud moment in our lives. Sticking with the study and finishing the course proves they had the ability to see the thing through.
    FM#215, mother, 58

    Making the move and following through on his decision to attend uni.
    FM#230, mother, 46

    When my daughter started studying I have seen her confidence boost - that is the biggest change and high point in my life.
    FM#226, mother, 43

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