As much as I love being their mum I also want to be something else for them. To show them that if you put your mind to something then you can do it

Study Tips for enabling students - #3 It's okay to ask for help


It has been lots of fun. I've made new friends who are going through the same experiences as myself and we have been a good support for each other when it comes to study.
  • Ask or email your lecturer or tutor with your questions and concerns...

    ...they want to help

    What students said:

      At the moment, I feel a little bit awkward just because I’m only new. I know they’re there to help and I know there’s never such thing as a stupid question but I always worry. ... I feel weird putting up my hand at the moment and asking in front of everyone but I have been up to a few lecturers before and just said “Oh, just to confirm, what is this or what is that”?

      I think for me, the biggest problem is I often feel like I’m bothering people. That often scares me away from going and asking questions but I do often send an email; if I have a question, I will email because I feel like when I’m writing and when I’m reading I’m able to clarify myself better than when I’m speaking.

      I’ve always preferred email and text message over phone calls because I just feel like I sort of stumble and…

  • Actively seek support...

    ...you'll be surprised at how much there is.

    What students said:

      The support at the university is fantastic and yes, I’m pretty well up on where to find things and stuff now. I wasn’t in the first couple of weeks but it’s much better now.

      A very big thanks goes to the Disability team for making ... life a lot easier into my introduction as a uni student.

      Just actually being a screw up and just chasing down solutions like the ... counselling service that’s here and the mediation service and all those kind of things.

      My partner would have to be the biggest support I have in my studies.

      I knew it would take time away from my family, but they have been supportive in allowing me time undisturbed to do my work.

  • Include your family

    What students said:

      My kids actually study around the table with me.

      My son is used to me working a lot so nothing has changed for him except mum goes to school, we still enjoy our weekly mum and son night together.

      My youngest daughter is twelve, and at this age, she is quite happy for me to study, or read a textbook alongside her on the lounge.

      My partner always asks how things are going. He prints off my info sheets for classes. We both have had some learning in teaching ourselves programs on the home computer that I require.

      I will often include my nine year old daughter in what I am learning because she shows an interest in physiology and anatomy.