I've discovered that I am quite smart. I have a wealth of knowledge I didn't realise I had and I have great organisational skills.

Teaching and Supporting Enabling Learners

Managing Student Fears


  • Let students know you are there to help them

    eg. by flagging times when you are available.

    Some Student Comments

      At the moment, I feel a little bit awkward just because I’m only new. I know they’re there to help and I know there’s never such thing as a stupid question but I always worry. I have gone up to them; I feel weird putting up my hand at the moment and asking in front of everyone but I have been up to a few lecturers before and just said “Oh, just to confirm, what is this or what is that”?

      I think for me, the biggest problem is I often feel like I’m bothering people.

  • Some students fear speaking...

    ...for these students, have a dedicated space (email or blog) where students can write their concerns to you

    Some Student Comments

      Some students fear speaking - for these students, have a dedicated space (email or blog) where students can write their concerns to you

      I’ve always preferred email and text message over phone calls because I just feel like I sort of stumble and… like even now, I’m not really coherent but if I sat down and wrote everything that I was trying to say it would come across very clearly…

  • As many as 50% of enabling students consider giving up their program

    Take time in your course to 'top up' student motivation by presenting data on enabling student success from your course.

    Some Student Comments

      I think I am still dealing with obstacles. I considered leaving the program because] I felt like I was drowning and not smart enough to Continue.

      Yes I considered giving it up while writing my first essay I almost threw it in.

      Some people have self doubt about their ability to undergo study, they might think they would not do well, but I was one of those people, and I am passing!

  • Invite a student counselor to talk...

    ...about managing examination stress well before the exam period.

    Some Student Comments

      That was my fear. I am really bad at exams. My first round of exams are coming up so I’m very nervous about them.