My grandma was really excited because when she was growing up she just didn't have that opportunity as a woman

Teaching and Supporting Enabling Learners

Recognising obstacles


  • Recognise financial obstacles

    When planning your course, recognise that financial obstacles are the most commonly reported obstacles to study for first in family students. For example, order the cheaper textbook or make a reader; include tips about how to study cheaply and where students can receive financial help in course outlines.

    Some Student Comments

      Financial difficulties - I have always had very well paying jobs. Now I earn nothing and feel guilty that I don't contribute to household expenses.

      Financial difficulties. I have significantly slowed and with a possibility of stopping work for the rest of the year to focus on my studies.

      I have considered giving it up because of Financial issues, I was offered a full time job while doing my studies, and I declined due to the stress that would become associated with juggling full time work and part time studies, I had done it before without success.

      I gave serious consideration as to the cost of a degree. I am single, one average wage, children to support, a mortgage on my house, the burden of a debt hanging over my shoulder, was just too great. It's very difficult to do this alone, possibly the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Relationship obstacles figured largely for female enabling students

    Some Student Comments

      Relationship issues ... Unhappy marriage, emotional abuse that undermined my confidence. Yes [I considered giving it up] Not now but last year when it all got to be a little too much!

      Family obstacles - ex-husband questions why I'm even going to uni which is him just trying to bully me

  • 'Mature age' is a category that erases the diversity of ages it represents.

    Some Student Comments

      It’s really confronting, having a bunch of young people around you and being in every single one of my classes; no-one talks to you. As soon as they find out how you are, they shut off to you and they don't want to talk to you again which is really hard because you can’t buddy up with somebody to help you out and to make you feel better in that class.